Meet Harley, the Shop Dog

K :: Hey Harley, you're one little cool dude.  Do you mind answering a few questions for me?
First off, I love coming into the shop and seeing your bones all over the place.  What toys do you have?

H ::  I have a nylabone that is blue that a special friend gave me when I was born.  It is the official bone of the shop.  I also have little dingos.  They have bacon wrapped around them and my  mom gives them to me when we have company and I need to be quiet.  


K ::  Have you ever been bad and chewed up something you shouldn't have?

H :: My favorite thing to chew is stinky shoes.  I like my Dad's the best!  


K :: I know you like to run and hide.  Not because you are scared!  Where's your favorite spot?

H ::  My "spot" is in the back in the Harry Barker bed.  Mom turns on the heater when I shiver.  I'm cold nature and have it on right now and it's 90 degrees outside!  I know it's crazy but I gotta stay warm.

K ::  Do you have a doggie girlfriend?  Please tell us...

H ::  No girlfriend, but I love to go on walks to the hidden park in my neighborhood.  That's how I meet all my friends.  Most big dogs don't want anything to do with  me, ut once we sniff each other, they realize I can hang with them!!


K ::  Lastly, how do you feel about being the shop dog?  

H ::  Being the shop dog is a lot of fun!  It gets old being the center of attention.  I sure do love staying close to my Mom.  I even peek on her when she is in the bathroom!


K ::  Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?  It's okay, we know you are rough and tough dog.

H ::  I usually like to snuggle with my Mom.  From time to time I sleep with my monkey.  

We are so lucky to have you.
{I say "we" because everyone loves you}
Keep up the good work, Harley!

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