Happy to do the Laundry!


Laundry is a never ending cycle.
Once everything is washed, folded, and tucked away someone 
throws a dirty sock on the floor or gets dirt all over your white towel.

Stains are never ending with a little boy and a man!
I found an awesome product.  It's magic when it comes to getting stains out.
I witnessed someone getting balsamic dressing out of a white shirt.
I got blood out of white jeans and stains out of my husbands collars
with this little bar of magic!

Wash & Stain bar is hands down my favorite product by The Laundress!
It's only $7.50 and lasts forever.  Well, not forever, but a very long time.
Next time I get a stain I'll try to do a before and after shot!


Since we're talking laundry, here's a pic of a room I like right now.
My dream laundry room includes space to iron
and a sink to hand wash delicate clothes.

Now, go wash your whites and darks!

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