For the Pups!!!

Hey People!  It's Harley here.
I'm kicking off the Holidays blogging because I need your help!!!
How cruel is this?  My Mama has all these awesome treats and toys in the shop!
PLEASE PLEASE come and get them for your pets so they
aren't here every day teasing me to play with them!

YES, those are peanut butter treats!!!  
What doggie doesn't go wild over peanut butter?
Just ignore the line that says "for all good dogs."
Every dog, good or bad, needs a treat.

As I mentioned before, this is my bed.  
It's awesome and I love it.
I nap behind the register so come and see me!
But look out... I come flying around the corner when you come in.

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m. folmar said...

How adorable!! I am going to have to stop by and pick up some of these goodies up for Marley and Sookie :)

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